I sit looking 'round, I look at my face in the mirror
I know I'm worth nothing, without you
And like one and one don't make two, one and one make one,
and I'm looking for that free ride to me, I'm looking for you.

© Pete Townshend

- Inspirational Quotations from Avatar Meher Baba -

Let These words be inscribed in your heart: Nothing is real but God. Nothing matters but love for God.

Real happiness lies in Oneness; whenever there is duality, there is trouble.

The greatest law of God is LOVE, which holds the key to all problems.

The heart holds the key to the mystery of life.

Love sets on fire the one who finds it.

Although I do not perform miracles, I will give anything to whomsoever asks for it from the bottom of the heart. If I am "Baba,"everything is possible to me. Ask wholeheartedly and you will get it from me. But I tell you this too, that the one who asks for my love will be the chosen one. Lose yourself in Baba and you will find that you eternally were Baba.

It is human to err, and there must be mistakes, you can only do your best.

To love me is to lose yourself in Me and find Me as your own Self is to leave all your pleasures and pains to Me. Be resigned completely to my Will and my Will will be yours. If you do wrong, think Baba is doing wrong. If you get a pain, think it is Baba having a pain. If you do all this sincerely, you will know something and forget yourself and do all for Baba.

I want you to remain undisturbed and unshaken by the force of life's currents, for whatever the circumstances, they too will be of my own creation. If you endure your lot with patience and contentment, accepting it as His will, you are loving God.

No matter how harshly an opposing party treats you, always remain calm. Always, however much you are found fault with or are blamed or have high words said to you, bear all with patience. This is real bravery and courage.

Remember, be happy and do not worry. I will help you. I know all. I know how deep is your love. Just do as I say. Love Me and leave the rest to Me.

Remember, in the future, that when anyone hurts you, it is I who hurt you; when anyone loves you it is I who loves you; when anyone laughs at you, it is I who am laughing; when you love anyone, it is I whom you love. I am in all things.

When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." when you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."

Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in this situation."

Think always of me, whatever you may be doing; then gradually you will realize that it is I doing everything through you.

At times you feel 100% miserable. When everything goes wrong the mind becomes helpless and has to rely on the heart. These are the moments when you resign to My will and rely solely on My help. When you leave all to Me, I dare not neglect you and you get relief from your predicament.

All actions are My divine response born of My divine love... Therefore uproot all doubt and remember well that whatever I do is for the best.

Human love, regardless of its limitations should never be despised. It is bound eventually to break through all limitations.

The best of all forces, which can overcome all difficulties on the way, is love that knows how to give without need to bargain for a return. There is nothing that love cannot achieve, and there is nothing that love cannot sacrifice. There is nothing beyond God and there is nothing without God, and yet God can always be captured by love. All the other essential qualities will come to the aspirant if he follows faithfully the whisperings of the unerring voice of love that speaks from his own heart, shedding light on the path.
To lose hold of the mantle of this guide is to find only despair. The heart without love is entombed in unending darkness and suffering, but the heart that is restless with love is on it's way to realization of the unfading light that shines on unfathomable sweetness of life divine.

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