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There Once Was A Note... Listen

Pure and Easy

We all know success, when we all find our own dreams
And our love is enough to knock down any walls
And the future's been seen, as men try to realize
The simple secret of the note in us all
There once was a note,...listen
© Pete Townshend

Avatar Meher Baba

There is no one who ever walked the earth that could be more pure and selfless than this man. He is love, beauty, grace and compassion personified. Meher Baba is my chosen spiritual guide, and if I could love him one tenth as much as he ought to be loved I would be blessed indeed!

It was through Pete Townshend that I "discovered" Meher Baba. Pete had written many lyrics that, upon examination, were "spiritually inclined." As I searched for the meaning behind the words (in about 1970), I found out about Pete Townshend's interest in Meher Baba. I then started to learn more about Meher Baba from various sources.

As I child I felt that I really loved God, and that God was right there with me, in the breeze, in the trees, in the flowers, in the clouds, in the rain, in the sunshine... surrounding me. But when I was about 15 or 16, I began to question God's existence, which started me on a search "to know." I began reading Herman Hesse novels, studying the theories of Carl Jung, reading about metaphysics and positive thinking, writing poetry in my shiny black room!

Then, in 1975, after years of delving into "mysticism," I suddenly found myself feeling like I was being drawn down into a vast ocean, into absolutely pure aquamarine water, with the most beautiful bubbles effervescing around me. I was immersed in God's love. Then I surfaced, looking up into the vastness of a brilliant blue sky. And suddenly, after years of reading books about him, I knew that Meher Baba was God in a human body. However, it wasn't an intellectual sort of knowing, it was an instinctual knowing... something deep inside me became convinced of His divinity.

My mind and heart is certain that Meher Baba is the Avatar, the Highest of the High. If an interested person takes the time to examine Meher Baba and His teachings, they will find a most beautiful and selfless man. They may, or may not, also realize that He is God.

"To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance, and to release
the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others,
by expressing in the world of forms--truth, love, purity and beauty--
this is the sole game which has any intrinsic and absolute worth. All other happenings,
incidents and attainments, in themselves, can have no lasting importance."

- Meher Baba

"Day of Silence"

You and me,
We are part of a single soul,
And one day we will know we're one,
Sit and listen the word will come.
There is nothing beneath the sun,
That we can't realize.

And one peaceful night
Will remind us it's all right
And we'll figure we owe it all
To one life of silence.

- Pete Townshend

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Hazrat Inayat Khan

Because music means so much to me I "bumped into" this Sufi spiritual teacher. He has a great book called "The Music of Life", a collection of his teachings about sound, vibrations, rhythm, harmony and the creative process. There are also many other volumes of his teachings available which are equally inspirational and insightful. Hazrat Inayat Khan's teachings about "positive thinking" have been extremely helpful in my life. My favorite book of his is titled "Mastery Through Accomplishment."

"Music touches our innermost being and in that way produces new life, a life that gives exaltation to the whole being, raising it to that perfection in which lies the fulfillment of our life."

- Hazrat Inayat Khan
excerpted from "The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Volume II"

Hazrat Inayat Khan
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